ProBark offers Wood Recycling and Green Waste Recycling Services both on site and off site.

Using innovative equipment to handle all wood recycling from leaves to brush, stumps and logs, the team at ProBark are ready to clear out any amount of unusable wood on your property.

The wood recycling division at ProBark effectively prepares and grinds all clean green waste products. Our CBI Shear and Bodine Clamshell grapple processes green waste of any size – from tiny branches to massive stumps. Trust the staff and machinery at ProBark for your wood recycling project.

Wood waste recycling helps to cut costs and benefits the environment. Partner with ProBark to clean up waste after storms or flooding, and to reduce the unnecessary disposal of recyclable products.

Feeling buried under an overwhelming pile of unusable green waste? The pros at ProBark are here to help with solutions tailor-made for your business, community or municipality.

Our site accepts deliveries of wood waste and green waste for immediate processing, and ProBark staff are ready to arrange for off site trucking of your wood waste and green waste at competitive prices.

Wood Recycling

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